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Why Socially Active Brands Attract the Best Customers

March 09, 2016
By Jarrod Whaley

In an excellent article making a general case for cause marketing for Public Relations publication O'Dwyer's, Ronn Torossian explains why products which are aligned with social causes are resonating so well with the aims of modern consumers:

Giving charity or even time to socially conscious ideals can often be difficult, so consumers seek out socially conscious products to help them fill the need.  When they use their money to purchase socially conscious products, making a brand’s social purpose a major factor in their decisions, the consumer feels as if he has given back as well. 

For manufacturers, cause marketing can be a product differentiator, even as it helps raise brand awareness among the constituents of a precisely targeted demographic. If your product is aligned with a cause your customers are passionate about, that passion will make your product more attractive.

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