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Solar May Leapfrog Fossil Fuels in Developing World

In POWER magazine, Lee Buchsbaum writes that investment in renewable energy sources hit an all-time high in 2015, particularly in developing nations. Indeed, in areas where traditional power grids are still coming online, the changing economics of generation may lead to a situation in which solar and wind "leapfrog" fossil fuels:

According to a Mercatus Energy Investment Management’s Global Advanced Energy Insights Report, the $12 trillion flooding into the market over the next few years—mainly into the developing world—is funding an “energy ...

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IKEA and Sustainability

Forbes' CSR blog is featuring a great interview with Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer for IKEA, about the massive Swedish furniture firm's efforts to arrive at environmental sustainability. It's a great piece, and it demonstrates very clearly an idea that more and more companies are beginning to embrace: that social responsibility does not necessarily have to hurt the bottom line.

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Our Carbon Offset via

Big announcement today from

Today, along with our sister organization Makers4Good, we are pleased to announce that we have offset our carbon footprint 100% with the help of our partnership with!

We're excited to help them achieve their crucially important goal of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide humans are releasing into the atmosphere every year.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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