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Solar Power Helps Nigerians Recover From Attacks

January 12, 2017
By Daniel Fleissig

Nigerian communities are seeing the immense benefits of solar energy after houses in Gaham Mojiri were destroyed by militant group Boko Haram. Most residents who fled the violence have returned after Boko Haram lost its control over the territories. To help residents rebuild, the Energy Commission of Nigeria and UN Development Program have introduced solar panels to their villages.

Villagers are now able to access clean water using solar water pumps. Going solar has also helped improve security as there are now solar powered street lights set up in communities. Residents love the solar-based solutions as they are able to save time and resources and feel that everyone in the community is benefitting. Utilizing renewable energy is helping improve the persistent energy shortages that have plagued this region for a long time.

Now, solar panels are being set up in eight villages, benefitting over 13,000 people. Residents are able to charge their mobile phones and use clean energy to fuel and light up their houses. We are big solar energy fans at Makers4Good and love the solutions that it provides. Going solar has really made a difference in these villages and we are excited to see more adoption of solar panels in the future.