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SCU Maker Lab Remotely Fabricates Hawaiian 4th-Grader's Design

September 19, 2016
By Jarrod Whaley

A young student from Hawaii recently made use of Santa Clara University's Maker Lab and their facility to accept 3D printing jobs from remote students. SCU Engineering's blog tells the story:

Home-school student Kainalu Palaualelo, a 4th grader from Kailua, Hawaii, submitted a design for 3D printing and was able to watch his design being fabricated via a livestream broadcast. Kainalu submitted a design and then remotely consulted with Maker Lab students and staff in order to improve his design through several iterations. Once the final design was reached, the print was executed and Kainalu watched from his home in Hawaii.

Remote fulfillment is just one of the ways in which SCU Engineering is bringing the Maker Movement directly to schools; their Mobile Maker Lab (which we sponsor) is another piece of the overall puzzle. It's great to hear stories like Kainalu's; we wish we had these opportunities when we were his age!