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Recorders For All Non-Profit Spotlight: The Aussie Hands Foundation

March 08, 2018
By Jarrod Whaley

The Aussie Hands Foundation, a volunteer organization of family members, caregivers, associated professionals, and other interested people, is our non-profit spotlight this week. Throughout Australia, they provide support, understanding and encouragement to individuals with a hand difference.

The Aussie Hands Foundation received a donation of 50 adaptive recorders, funded through our generous Kickstarter backers. These specialized instruments will be provided to children with hand differences in Australia—which is music to our ears here at Makers4Good!

The Aussie Hands Foundation's Julie McNally says:

I have 6 fingers in total and the recorders I got through your campaign arrived last week and I have had such fun playing one! In Australia, kids are often required to do recorder classes for a few years in primary school. Being able to join in with the class for Aussie Hands is pretty amazing, as well as being able to join in because you have a cool gadget which adapts your recorder. I am 41 but can still recall being upset and frustrated when I couldn’t play along with the class. I was the only one left out. This experience is not good for a child’s self-esteem. So the recorders are going to make such a difference to so many kids here in Australia.

One of the Foundation's members adds:

My daughter who is going into grade 4 this year would love an adaptive recorder! During her music classes last year she was able to keep up because they were only using one hand. This year, I know they will be moving onto two hands and I have been trying to figure out what to do to help her join in with her classmates. To have one of these recorders would be a huge benefit.

We are pleased to partner with the Aussie Hands Foundation, and to help their members' children join in with their classmates in school. From all of us here, we wish to thank our Kickstarter backers and other customers for their support of organizations like the Aussie Hands Foundation.