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Recorders For All Non-Profit Spotlight: The Lucky Fin Project

February 09, 2018
By Jarrod Whaley

Our non-profit of the week, the Lucky Fin Project, raises awareness and celebrates children and individuals born with limb differences. The Lucky Fin Project:

The Lucky Fin Project received a supply of 50 adaptive recorders, funded through our generous Kickstarter backers. These recorders will be donated to young music students with hand differences. On behalf of everyone here at Makers4Good, we thank our backers for helping to make the world a more musical place!

Lucky Fin Project founder Molly Stapelman says:

I was so happy to see this initiative funded and I’m thrilled it's time for distribution! With our organization's global reach I'm confident each instrument will be matched with a student in need. I already have some kids in mind and I know when it's made public there are going to be a lot of requests.

The Lucky Fin Project—celebrating the wonderfully made one “Lucky Fin” at a time—can be found online at For more information about our adapted recorders, please see our Recorders For All project page.