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Subsidized Spaces for Artists & Nonprofits

About the Problem

It's no secret that rents in the Bay Area are extremely high, and the situation is particularly difficult for persons and/or organizations whose work aims at goals beyond merely turning a profit. Artist collectives and nonprofits of all kinds are being priced out of the area, and we believe the Bay Area is much poorer for it.

Our Goal

Through strategic partnerships will local property owners, we offer grants of drastically discounted rent—often as low as $1 per square foot, which is well below the going market rate—to qualified nonprofit entities. These grants apply to specific buildings (so far, they are all located on the San Francisco Peninsula) whose owners interests align with our mission. We do the work of locating these opportunities and subsequently locating the ideal nonprofit tenants. In so doing, we hope to keep artists and nonprofits in the area, thus helping to make it a better place in which for all of us to live and to work.


Redwood City Office / R&D Space: Grant subsizing ±4,500 SF of R&D/Office Space in Redwood City

The Team

Ray Beldner Sculptor & New Media Artist
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