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Recorders For All

Our 3-key design makes it easy for everyone to play soprano recorder.

Our Kickstarter campaign was a success! Triple Play is now available for sale.

The Triple Play is an adaptation designed for soprano recorder which makes the instrument more accessible to people with limb differences. It adds keys to the bottom three holes of the instrument, making the full range of the recorder playable with just six fingers.

The cluster of three keys augments a Yamaha YRS-24B plastic recorder. Triple Play allows the user to press multiple keys with one finger, and to change easily between keys.

About the Problem

People with upper limb differences don’t have an easy solution for playing recorder. While there are several solutions on the market, they are either unintuitive, hard to find, or prohibitively expensive.

Our Goal

To create a cost-effective solution that will be accessible to kids around the world and develop a support system to facilitate its use.

The Team

Kelvin Leung Design Coordinator
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