Bringing Technology, Manufacturing, and Philanthropy Together.


Backbeater & Shaking Ray Levi Society: Makers4Good donates 70% of proceeds from Backbeater sales to SRLS.
Backpack Remake: Create a more balanced and ergonomic hot liquid dispensing backpack for JUMA.
Bike Light: Makers4Good is developing a premium bike light.
Flipping and Tumbling Head Over Heels: Makers4Good donates proceeds of Flip & Tumble bag sales to Head Over Heels.
Hacker Dojo: Picture This: Help raise funding and awareness for Hacker Dojo
HELIO: Makers4Good has designed a personal solar light for use around the world.
Light Up Tanzania for the Holidays: Buy a luminAID PackLite Nova and support Lalafofofo's programs in Tanzania.
Luxi For All X 100cameras: Makers4Good donates proceeds of Luxi For All sales to 100 Cameras.
National Federation of the Blind & Extrasensory Devices: Makers4Good donates proceeds of Wiretap sales to National Federation of the Blind.
One Million Lights Shares Solar: Buy a Nokero N233 solar light and all proceeds benefit One Million Lights.
Pablove Shutterbugs & Extrasensory Devices: Makers4Good donates proceeds of Luxi For All sales to the Pablove Foundation.
Recorders For All: Create a cost effective opportunity for people with limb differences to adapt recorder to their needs.
SCU Mobile Maker Lab: A mobile lab that will bring the Maker Movement to kids and young adults.