Bringing Technology, Manufacturing, and Philanthropy Together.


42Lions: a visual design studio based in San Francisco.
100 Cameras: Empowers kids to express themselves and to change their communities through photography.
Alite Designs: Designs products for urban outdoor enthusiasts.
Antimatter Research: Founded with a vision of embedding intelligence and connectivity into all kinds of products.
Berlin Food & Lab Equipment Company: Designs, fabricates, and installs stainless steel kitchen, pharmaceutical, & bio-technology equipment.
Born Just Right: builds creative solutions that help kids with differences live a more enjoyable life. Helps consumers, businesses, and institutions offset their carbon footprint.
The DFarm: Cultivates entrepreneurship in teens through the lens of design thinking.
Everybody Solar: supports U.S. Tribal communities by providing cost-free solar installations.
Flip and Tumble: makes beautiful products that are meant to be reused again and again.
Hacker Dojo: a tech hub for makers, hackers, and entrepreneurs.
Head Over Heels: provides gymnastics & dance training to 1,500 students
JUMA Ventures: Juma employs hundreds of youth at its social enterprise operations at major sporting venues.
Lalafofofo: a source of affordable, small-scale service projects in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania
Last Mile: improves access to life-changing products to the last mile in Tanzania.
Let There Be Light International: donates solar lights to off-grid communities in Africa, combating extreme poverty and global climate change.
Light Up The World: provides solar photovoltaic systems to communities in Peru and Guatemala that don’t have access to electricity.
Lucky Fin Project: raises awareness and celebrates children and individuals born with limb differences. The sales & operations wing of Makers4Good
One Million Lights: improves the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting.
The Pablove Foundation: fights childhood cancer with love.
Rocket EMS: A pre-eminent EMS provider in Silicon Valley.
Remote Energy: provides customized solar electric curriculum development, training, and educational programs.
Santa Clara University School of Engineering: A top-tier engineering school in the heart of Silicon Valley.
Shaking Ray Levi Society: brings outsider music and art to Chattanooga, TN, along with arts education programs.
Team Sierra / Sierra Club: the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States.
Sparkfactor Design: A product development consultancy offering product engineering services, product definition, and industrial design.
Trees, Water, & People: helps communities protect, conserve, and manage the natural resources upon which their well-being depends.
Y Studios: a design and research company located in the creative hub of San Francisco.