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National Federation of the Blind & Extrasensory Devices

This campaign was a collaboration between Extrasensory Devices (ESD) and The National Federation of the Blind (NFB).

Technologies like VoiceOver make smartphones more accessible to the blind. Since these adaptive interfaces tie up the phone's headphone jack, accessory devices that also use the audio jack (like credit card readers) cannot be used at the same time. Extrasensory Devices' Wiretap splitter gives you an extra audio jack with both headphone and mic controls--so you can use headphones and an accessory (like a Square reader) simultaneously.

In 2016, Makers4Good worked with NFB to establish a partnership with ESD, whereby $10 of each sale of Wiretap made of ESD's site was donated to NFB during the holiday season.

The Team

Stephen Thomforde M4G Giving Coordinator
Jarrod Whaley M4G Media Coordinator

Project Partners The sales & operations wing of Makers4Good

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