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Light Up The World

About the Organization

Light Up The World (LUTW) uses innovative technology to bring sustainable energy to those living off the grid. LUTW works with partners and communities to replace expensive and inefficient technologies with renewable energy systems that provide electricity to power lights, radios and charge cell-phones. An effective combination of solar PV systems and LED lighting is a vast improvement on the use of toxic fuels such as kerosene.

Investing in people is at the core of successful community development projects. LUTW focuses on training community members and giving them the practical skills necessary to install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair renewable energy systems. This gives communities the independence to manage systems in their villages.

Making sure their projects continue to provide benefits for people long after the installations are completed is vital. With input and advice from their partners in the community, LUTW designs for sustainability by addressing critical success factors that can be influenced through project design, while considering externally controlled factors.

Partnership With Makers4Good

Makers4Good is a proud supporter of LUTW and has provided them with both funding and HELIO solar lights to help them distribute power and light to individuals and communities living off-grid in Peru and Guatemala.