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About the Organization

The primary objective of Lalafofofo’s mission is to be a source of affordable, small-scale service projects in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, East Africa. Lalafofofo focuses on education and recruitment of families and youths between 7-18 years of age in Silicon Valley, California to encourage their interest and involvement in service projects in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Additionally, Lalafofofo’s mission includes maintaining 8-10 links to grassroots organizations in the Mount Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. These Tanzanian nonprofit organizations are qualified Lalafofofo partners, representing six sectors: heath, education, poverty, children, conservation and sustainability.

Partnership With Makers4Good

M4G has provided assistance to Lalafofofo in building a giving campaign to assist in raising funds for a collaborative project with Last Mile. Makers4Good is providing marketing assistance in addition to facilitating a donation to fund Lalafofofo's programs.

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