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About the Problem

In many parts of the developing world, there is no electrical grid in the sense we in the West would commonly understand; solar power is often the best option in these cases. With solar-powered personal lighting, children can study and families can spend time together in the evenings without resorting to dangerous and costly alternatives, such as kerosene lanterns.

Our Goal

Makers4Good is working with a number of partners in the solar and humanitarian fields to drive awareness and financial assistance to benefit those partners via sales of these solar lights. Our engineers, led by Kelvin Leung, are designing a light for Western consumers which is also at home off the grid. Our Giving Coordinator, Stephen Thomforde, is developing relationships with partner organizations whose missions align with ours.

The Team

Jim Baldwin CEO Antimatter Research
David Douglas Advisor
Rebecca Geraldi Giving Coordinator
Kelvin Leung Design Coordinator
Peter MacDonald Mechatronics Engineer Antimatter Research
Stephen Thomforde Giving Advisor
Jarrod Whaley Media Coordinator
Gladys Wong COO Antimatter Research
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