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Flipping and Tumbling Head Over Heels

This campaign is a collaboration between Flip & Tumble and Head Over Heels Athletic Arts.

Head Over Heels provides recreational, competitive, and special needs gymnastics and dance training to approximately 1,500 students from 12 months to adults.

Flip & Tumble creates stylish modern reusable bags.

In order to support Head Over Heels' athletic programs, Flip & Tumble has contributed their 24/7 bags to a holiday fundraising campaign. The 24/7 Bag is tough, well made, and versatile. It can handle even the heaviest groceries (or anything else). The innovative bag design also means you can easily keep one with you for whenever you need it.

Purchase a bag today and all proceeds will benefit Head Over Heels Athletic Arts!

The Team

Stephen Thomforde M4G Giving Coordinator
Jarrod Whaley M4G Media Coordinator

Project Partners

Flip and Tumble: makes beautiful products that are meant to be reused again and again.
Head Over Heels: provides gymnastics & dance training to 1,500 students
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