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Flip & Tumble

About the Company

Flip & Tumble founders Hetal Jariwala and Eva Bauer met while completing their masters degree at Stanford’s Product Design program. Accustomed to solving pesky design problems, the duo joined up to find a solution to the problem of shoppers constantly forgetting their reusable bags.

Flip & Tumble is all about making quality products that won’t end up in the landfill. They believe that a product should definitely work well, but it should also do more. It should be beautiful and bring joy through its use.

Partnership With Makers4Good

Flip & Tumble has provided their 24/7 bags to help fund Head Over Heels’ programs through a giving campaign / partnership powered by Makers4Good.

Flipping and Tumbling Head Over Heels: Makers4Good donates proceeds of Flip & Tumble bag sales to Head Over Heels.