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The Design Farm

About the Organization

The Design Farm is a non-profit (in-process) with a goal to cultivate entrepreneurship in teens through the lens of design thinking.

Young people are natural entrepreneurs, but lose it over time as expectations shift from creation to production. We then have to retrain them at our best universities to regain skills they innately possessed in their youth.

With so much academic pressure in our schools, the focus is compiling a resume of skills suited to working on problems other people define. Our team believes the biggest problem solving skill is recognizing which is the right problem to solve. Successful design thinking addresses this. In our program, we don’t want to talk about design thinking, we do it! Whether it’s a widget, a social problem, or something for your own personal development.

The workshops focus on teens identifying needs they are passionate about, identifying potential solutions, and connecting with other teens. Our mentor network provides structure and support to teen led endeavors.

Partnership With Makers4Good

Makers4Good has provided financial and other support for several of the Design Farm's Design Daze events. M4G and the DFarm are currently working to identify further partnership opportunities.

The Team

Donald Olgado Founder The Design Farm