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David Douglas


Mr. Douglas is Engineering Director for New Technology Development in Oracle’s Systems Division and a member of the Microelectronics Executive Staff. He began volunteering at in 2015, giving guidance and management for new product design and development projects.

He was a core manager for the product development of HELIO. HELIO is based on a simple idea: to create a solar light and power source that consumers could use for adventures and that people in need could use as a daily power source. HELIO development involved custom electrical engineering, firmware design, mechanical engineering, and the development of product branding and strategy.

Mr. Douglas also provided ongoing product development guidance for the Recorders for All product which is a low-cost option for kids with upper limb differences to play recorders. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and production will start in September.

He has also been a key advisor to the founder and principal philanthropist on all aspects of the nonprofit’s planning and mission.

HELIO: Makers4Good has designed a personal solar light for use around the world.
Recorders For All: Create a cost effective opportunity for people with limb differences to adapt recorder to their needs.

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