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Bike Light

Coming soon.

About the Problem

The lighting products for bicycles which are currently available in the marketplace tend to be compromised in one way or another: they are either of low quality or else they are well-made but lacking in some key area. Makers4Good believes that a product which addresses these issues would find a foothold in the market, and would increase the safety of cyclists. Our engineering team, led by Kelvin Leung, is working to finalize the design.

Our Goal

Makers4Good is identifying nonprofit organizations whose missions are aligned with the concerns of cyclists. When the product is ready for launch, M4G will partner with one or more such organizations to further their missions via financial support and campaigns designed to raise awareness for those organizations.

The Team

Kevin Hale Mechanical Engineer
Kelvin Leung Design Coordinator
Alejandro Palandjoglou Industrial Designer

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