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Backpack Remake

JUMA's hot liquid dispensing backpacks are too heavy and unwieldy.

About the Problem

JUMA is working to revamp their hot liquids backpack that students use to sell drinks at event Stadiums. These backpacks hold 3 Gallons and when full weigh ~35 lbs. Since the current backpack is a one-size-fits-all adult model, it can be difficult and painful to use for the 16 to 24 year old students who drastically range in size. Currently the backpacks are passable, but a little bit of design engineering would vastly improve them.

Our Goal

To modify the hot liquids backpack to be easier and more comfortable to use for the high school students JUMA employs.

The Team

Claudia Truesdell Co-Founder Sparkfactor Design
Alvin Yu Social Enterprise Director, Venue Operations JUMA Ventures

Project Partners

Alite Designs: Designs products for urban outdoor enthusiasts.
JUMA Ventures: Juma employs hundreds of youth at its social enterprise operations at major sporting venues.
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