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Alite Designs

About the Company

Alite is a small group of rabblerousers that want people to go outside more! Based in San Francisco, they know that city living is a lame excuse for being cooped up. Magical outdoor fun is all around, no matter the location. They make a bunch of cool stuff that helps everyone get out there!

Alite Designs is all about well-designed products that are extremely functional and ridiculously fun and easy to use. Their suite of award-winning products are designed to get people excited about going outside!

Partnership With Makers4Good

Alite is working to redesign the Juma Ventures Hot Liquids backpack that students use to sell hot chocolate and other drinks at events. Alite will develop the backpack frame to be more comfortable, easier to use, and adjustable for the size range of people wearing them.

Backpack Remake: Create a more balanced and ergonomic hot liquid dispensing backpack for JUMA.