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Maker Movement Spreading its Wings in Egypt

May 10, 2017
By Daniel Fleissig

In April, FabLab Egypt and the American embassy organized a two day Maker Faire in Cairo. Deemed the "Greatest Show and Tell on Earth," the festival exemplifies the invention, creativity, and resourcefulness that the Maker Movement can bring to the fields of technology, art science, and entrepreneurship. Having a community of makers, tech enthusiasts, tinkeerers, and scientists all in one place to showcase their talents and accomplishments is huge for the growing Maker Movement in Egypt.

The Maker Faire emphasized the significance and sheer creativity of makers in Egyptian communities. Cairo’s makers team believes the sky is the limit and making will lead to a promising future for Egypt. This year was the biggest in Egyptian Maker Faire history as there were countless sessions, exhibitions, projects, and even a day for children. The projects are becoming more and more innovative as one of the participants built the first ever functioning Lego clock.

Participants also got the opportunity to hear a motivational speech by Ashok Rupner, and Indian designer who created hundreds of science teaching aids for kids. Rupner and his team have designed over 1000 short videos on science activities and toys, which have been viewed by over 55 million people. During his speech Rupner explains that his goal is for children to be able to relate science textbooks to their daily lives and fun activities. We at Makers4Good love to see the Maker Movement spreading to different countries...and also particularly love the Lego clock!