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Lalafofofo Brings HELIO to Tanzania

July 18, 2018
By Jarrod Whaley

HELIO is brightening homes and classrooms all over the world. One area in particular happens to be in Tanzania where Lalafofofo, one of our hardworking and caring non-profit partners, is changing lives.

Lalafofofo works primarily in the Kilimanjaro Region of East Africa were they bring all manner of small service projects to life: from planting trees to reforest Mount Kilimanjaro to provide locals with a source of firewood, to buying mattresses for an orphanage for disabled children and albinos, to building houses for Maasai widows shunned from their community, to fixing roofs of government schools that can’t even afford to pay their teachers, to providing solar lanterns to bring light into huts and with no electricity at night.

Just recently, Lalafofofo delivered over 100 of our HELIO solar lights and powerbanks to individuals in Tanzania. Lalafofofo founder, Laura Vaughan, has been in contact with us, direct from Kilimanjaro. In her own words:

The HELIO lights are incredible!!! We bush tested them for three weeks prior to distribution and they did amazingly well! … The families which have received the lights so far here in Tanzania are totally in love with them. They are incredibly valuable to the villagers and we have had to do some political considerations of who receives the lights.

Laura continues:

This is by far the most enthusiastic receipt that we have ever experienced of a solar light - it is the charging capacity, the torch and the light combination that is making these lights so sought after by the villagers.

The entire team here at Makers4Good could not be any happier knowing our HELIO lights are helping to make the world a little brighter, and we are deeply grateful to Lalafofofofo for partnering with us to make this possible.