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Just Seven Days Left to Support Recorders for All on Kickstarter

June 28, 2017
By Stephen Thomforde

With just one week to go, the Recorders for All Kickstarter campaign is approaching the finish line.

We need a little help to ensure that we reach our goal. If you know any journalists or bloggers, please share the campaign with them and ask them to write about us.

So far, we have gotten incredible feedback from music teachers, professional recorder players and parents of children with limb differences. All of these comments have reinforced that this innovation will be truly impactful in the lives of hundreds of people!

Here's an elementary music education project well worth supporting.

—Richard Lawton (Music Teacher)

Check out this fantastic project to help make the recorder accessible for children with limb differences. Various kinds of add-on's have been around, but most options are limited and very expensive. [...] So ... help kids with limb differences play recorder with all their peers!

—Emily O’Brien (Professional Recorder Player)

At my daughter's school, they have the 4th graders play recorders. She was unable to play, because they did not have access to these. She had to play the bells instead. This is a great cause; I hope it all works out.

Deana Brown (Parent of a child with a limb difference)

Please help us make this affordable adaptation a reality by pledging or sharing!