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JUMA Youth Are Finding Great Success

July 27, 2016
By Jarrod Whaley

JUMA Ventures, an organization with which we have partnered, has a really great program in which low-income teens and young adults can earn money for college while working in a fun and exciting context. JUMA operates food vendor services at a number of major sporting venues in the United States (such as Yankee Stadium in New York and AT&T Park in San Francisco), and the teen students in their program man the booths. They also go up and down the aisles selling hot chocolate and coffee in large insulated backpacks. In return for their hard work, all of the funds students save for college expenses are matched by JUMA at a 2:1 ratio—so savings of $1000 turn into $3000.

JUMA also works with students directly to achieve their academic goals. A recent newsletter from their CEO lays out just how well their programs are working:

We are proud to report that nationally 96% of Juma youth graduated from high school, 100% are moving on to post-secondary education (with 70% matriculating to four-year colleges), and 65% graduated from a four-year college in five years or less. These are tremendous achievements in comparison to national averages.

These numbers point to a very impressive achievement indeed, and we're excited to help JUMA and its youth participants continue to succeed at such a high level. Stay tuned for more information about JUMA and our Backpack Remake project in the coming weeks and months.