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Is Your Automated Home Secure?

February 16, 2016
By Jarrod Whaley
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There's lots of excitement these days--particularly among those who might refer to themselves as "Makers"--around the idea of an Internet-connected and / or automated home environment. And why not? What self-respecting nerd or inquisitive geek wouldn't want to hook up all sorts of futuristic gadgetry to her or his home in an effort to make life a little bit easier?

One thing that gets lost in all the excitement is security, unfortunately, and it's about time that we all begin to take a far more serious look at how we can best keep our home networks (and even our doors, in many IoT / homa automation configurations) locked down. Make magazine has a few great ideas on how you can get started down the path toward better home security. Once you've internalized all of these tips, we hope your natural paranoia will take you the rest of the way!