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Hippo Water Roller Facilitates Water Collection in Developing World

June 15, 2016
By Jarrod Whaley

The Hippo Water Roller Project provides an innovative solution to the problem of gathering clean water in the developing world. Their solution consists of a 90-liter jug with a push handle mounted upon its axis, so that the jug can be rolled across the countryside. This empowers children and women to gather healthy water for their families, which is in many cases needed very direly—as the Project itself explains:

750 million people in Africa and Asia struggle daily to access water. Water collection points are often located far away from their homes: 2 – 10 km. This is typically done with heavy 20 litre buckets balanced on their head.

It's always great to see innovative solutions to major problems, but it's especially exciting when those solutions empower individuals to meet their needs autonomously.