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HELIO Non-Profit Spotlight: Lalafofofo

February 15, 2018
By Jarrod Whaley

Lalafofofo builds bridges between youths in the United States and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Through long-term partnerships and collaboration, Lalafofofo is creating solutions together to help Tanzanians help themselves and create a better future for their country; while equipping American youth with the knowledge, experience and skills required to be global citizens. Their aim is to contribute towards a more sustainable and positive world for our global youth.

Lalafofofo's Executive Director, Laura Vaughan, says:

Solar lights like HELIO gives these families a self-sustaining renewable gift of 3 hours light each day. They can use it for homework, sewing, wood carving, and other tasks after the sun goes down.

Funded through our successful HELIO Kickstarter Campaign, Lalafofofo was able to provide a complete infrastructure installation of solar light and power to a large nonprofit hub in Tanzania. This installation supplies much needed electricity to 16 individual nonprofits, all housed and working together to combat poverty and infant mortality, and to increase women's health, student education, nutrition levels, and more, for the greater local communities. In addition, Lalafofofo will provide and distribute 100 HELIO lights to students and families in Tanzania without access to electricity, to improve their studying ability and productivity after dark.

On behalf of everyone here at Makers4Good, we'd like to thank HELIO customers for helping to brighten the world!