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HELIO is Powering Social Good in Kilimanjaro

July 26, 2018
By Jarrod Whaley

Makers4Good is proud to share the good news that Kili Hub in Tanzania is now operating, at full speed ahead, with a shiny new solar rooftop system! This important project is far-reaching in its scope and impact.

Kili Hub is the largest co-working space in Tanzania and the home base for 16 non-profits working directly on issues affecting Tanzanians in Kilimanjaro and across the nation: from striving to reduce infant mortality, lesson poverty and decrease unemployment, to increasing women’s health, improving student education, and providing essential nutrition.

Power is integral to the good work these not-for-profit organizations provide, and now they can continue to make an impact, even through the frequent power outages common to the area.

Kili Hub CEO Krupa Patel explains:

Power cuts, both planned and unplanned, are common in the area and have significant impact to our operations and the operations of our social impact members. Every minute, hour, day without power has a ripple effect on their impact and productivity nationwide.

Makers4Good sponsored this meaningful project with proceeds from our HELIO Kickstarter campaign. It is our ongoing goal to share light and power to those without access, and thanks to everyone backing our HELIO solar-powered light and powerbank, we are doing just that!