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HELIO and You — Giving Back and Helping Others

December 13, 2017
By Jarrod Whaley

Makers4Good is very pleased to share the following social good projects, accomplished through our caring non-profit partners, and funded through purchases of HELIO on Kickstarter: a purchase with a meaningful purpose. Thank you for helping us bring light and power to those in need.

One Million Lights


Providing a complete infrastructure installation of solar light and power to a large nonprofit hub in Tanzania. This installation will supply much need electricity to 16 individual nonprofits, all housed and working together to combat poverty and infant mortality, and to increase women's health, student education, nutrition levels, and more, for the greater local communities.

Global Brightlight Foundation

Providing an entire village in Guatemala with individual household solar systems, supplying light and power to every member in the community. (Village name and further details coming soon!)

Thanks again to each one of our Kickstarter backers for supporting the amazing work being done by our partners. Together, we are making the world a little bit brighter.