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HELIO and American Solar Energy Society: Tiny Watts, Big Impact!

August 16, 2018
By Jarrod Whaley

Our non-profit partner American Solar Energy Society is launching an exciting new web-based platform to create a nationwide community of “tiny watts”--very small applications of solar PV and solar thermal--because even small applications add up in a big way!

Think solar backpacks and suitcases for charging cell phones and laptops, solar lights such as our very own HELIO, solar cookers, low-tech solar water heaters, food dryers and much more. These technologies are affordable and available to everyone, everywhere.

Tiny Watts will aim to enroll thousands of people--kids and adults across every spectrum--to fall in love with the many uses of solar and become Solar Citizens.

Tiny Watts Solar Citizens will be able to sign up on ASES’ site, discover product info and do-it-yourself projects, plus access more resources from other Solar Citizens. ASES will track the way small actions make a big difference.