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Brighter Together: Remote Energy and Makers4Good

July 18, 2019
By Jarrod Whaley

Makers4Good has announced that it is teaming up with Remote Energy, a provider of customized solar electric curriculum development, training, and educational programs, to help distribute solar lighting solutions to individuals and communities both domestically and around the world.

Two bright energies have collided, so to speak, and have come together for the greater good. Remote Energy empowers people and communities in rural and remote locations with solar electric curriculum and training programs. They partner with local organizations worldwide to provide three main programs: training center development, "training the trainers" courses, and women-only classes.

Makers4Good, who since 2011 have supported many organizations in all parts of the world with a focus on education—and in impoverished regions, support access to energy for safety, education, and health—believed there was a synergy between the two. They have offered Remote Energy their portable solar light and power bank, HELIO, to accompany them along the way and assist in their good efforts. HELIO is an ultra-efficient solar lantern, flashlight, and power bank. In Infinite Mode, HELIO needs just one hour of solar charge per day in order to stay lit indefinitely. HELIO is one of the world's best portable solar lights and 100% of profits from HELIO are used to provide solar light and power where they are needed most.

The end result is a meaningful relationship with a shared cause. Makers4Good has donated a supply of HELIO lights to Remote Energy to help support their important mission and to have them distributed to the communities they serve. Which in turn, helps Makers4Good meet their philanthropic mission of sharing light and power with others.

“Partnering with Remote Energy tackles two important missions at once, that of providing clean and sustainable light and power for people in need, as well as ensuring Makers4Good's philanthropic model is continually upheld,” says Rebecca Geraldi, Giving Coordinator at “We are delighted to work with and help support the important work that Remote Energy accomplishes. They are a tremendous force of social good."

A portion of the HELIO units were recently included in photovoltaic training for high school girls from Benin. These young ladies wished to learn about the solar option in order to have light in their home—thereby increasing their study time. HELIOs were included as a part of their training and then gifted to them to take back home to Benin. Additional HELIO units donated will be dispersed by Remote Energy staff on future projects.

Inspired by the many efforts to help others, to protect the planet, and to make a difference, Makers4Good believes that working with their non-profit partners is one of the most important parts of their overall mission for social good.

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About Remote Energy

Remote Energy provides customized solar electric curriculum development, training, and educational programs. They partner with organizations looking to use renewable energy to address issues relating to jobs, health, clean water, education, gender equality, and poverty.

With their expertise and experience, Remote Energy can help organizations incorporate solar energy as a tool to empower local people and make projects successful and sustainable. They are committed to aiding communities in need of electricity by training trainers who can best serve their community’s solar need.

Remote Energy is comprised of a team of experienced, multilingual, solar experts who specialize in technical capacity building programs and PV system implementation. They have conducted training activities in more than 25 countries worldwide, often in developing or marginalized communities.