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3D Printed Glifo Writing Tools for Disabled Children Are Amazing

May 03, 2016
By Jarrod Whaley

A group of European Designers has banded together to develop a series of unique writing tools designed to aid children with disabilities. Writing and / or drawing with pencils and pens requires very precise movements, and can difficult to accomplish when facing challenges involving the central nervous system. Glifo tools are designed for the particular needs of children facing these difficulties, and each tool can be tailor-made for a specific child thanks to the fact that 3D-printed parts can be easily be manufactured individually.

This is one of those stories that points the way to a future where rapid prototyping and manufacturing techniques will make all of our lives better. In our mass-produced past, tools and products needed to appeal to as broad a swath of humanity as possible. But with the manufacturing techniques of the future, no unique need will necessarily have to go unmet.