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Makers4Good connects engineers, product designers, and makers with philanthropic projects.

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HELIO: A Solar Light & Powerbank for All Your Adventures. Available now.
Let There Be Light International Brings HELIO to Sub-Saharan Africa

Here at Makers4Good, working with our non-profit partners is one of the best parts of our overall social good mission. We are so inspired by their many efforts to help others, to protect the planet, and to make a difference.

One of our newest non-profit partners, Let There Be Light International (LTBLI), focuses on providing safe access to power and light in Sub-Saharan Africa. They do this by distributing solar lights to individuals and families, while prioritizing handicapped and orphaned children, women, and the elderly ...

Buy A Light, Give A Light
Everybody Solar & HELIO Bring Light to Native American Communities

Makers4Good is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Everybody Solar. Their mission is to protect the environment and strengthen communities by bringing solar energy to nonprofits—a mission we believe in too, and are very happy to help support!

Dedicated to bringing solar to nonprofits, Everybody Solar has seen first-hand the positive impact of nonprofits generating their own solar energy and reducing electricity costs. Having solar not only helps the environment, but also helps provide sustainability in communities that really need support. Makers4Good ...

Brighter Together: Remote Energy and Makers4Good

Jarrod Whaley

Makers4Good has announced that it is teaming up with Remote Energy, a provider of customized solar electric curriculum development, training, and educational programs, to help distribute solar lighting solutions to individuals and communities both domestically and around the world.

Two bright energies have collided, so to speak, and have come together for the greater good. Remote Energy empowers people and communities in rural and remote locations with solar electric curriculum and training programs. They partner with local organizations worldwide to provide three main programs: training ...

Backbeater Android App Now Available

Jarrod Whaley

We are excited to announce that our Backbeater app for Android is now available on the Play Store! This first version is feature-complete, meaning it is at 100% feature parity with our iOS version. Download it today and give it a spin—whether you have the Backbeater sensor already or not.

We've worked very hard to make this release as solid and as reliable as it can be, but any 1.0 release is likely to have a few small issues. If you encounter ...