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Makers4Good connects engineers, product designers, and makers with philanthropic projects.

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Recorders For All Non-Profit Spotlight: Born Just Right

Our non-profit of the week, Born Just Right, builds creative solutions that help kids with disabilities live a more enjoyable life. They believe giving kids design knowledge empowers them to create their own solutions.

Born Just Right is focused on three major outcomes:

  • Raise awareness about the power of design.
  • Identify and support inclusive designers & brands.
  • Support and grow a design community for kids and parents to help foster learning.

Born Just Right partners with makers and designers from across the country. They love to ...

Buy A Light, Give A Light
Extrasensory Devices is Now!

Our closest for-profit partner Extrasensory Devices has now become, and with that change of name it fully becomes the sales & operations side of Makers4Good. From the newly rebranded blog:

Anyone who has visited the site lately has probably noticed that Extrasensory Devices has been increasingly connected with Those connections have reached their full fruition as of late last week, as Extrasensory Devices completed its transition toward becoming the fully-fledged for-profit wing on Makers4Good!

We are excited about this change ...

Head Over Heels Bags: A Product Powered by Philanthropy

Jarrod Whaley

Makers4Good loves Head Over Heels-a non-profit organization that provides recreational, competitive, and special needs gymnastics and dance training to about 1,500 students locally.

We wanted to help them raise funds to continue their important work, so we set out to do so in the way we know best: by designing consumer products, marketing them to raise profits, and donating 100% of the proceeds to charity—in this case, to the good folks at Head Over Heels.

Makers4Good reached out to Flip & Tumble, makers ...

HELIO Non-Profit Spotlight: Global Brightlight Foundation

Jarrod Whaley

Our non-profit of the week is Global Brightlight Foundation. GBF provides practical, affordable, solar energy solutions to rural communities in Peru and Guatemala that currently lack access to electricity.

GBF's CEO Ben Bunker explains their mission thusly:

By harnessing the power of the sun, we can provide light and power to those without reliable access to energy. This saves families money, improves their health, safety, and educational outcomes.

Through the funding of our successful HELIO Kickstarter Campaign, Global Brightlight Foundation was able to light ...