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Recorders For All Non-Profit Spotlight: The Lucky Fin Project

Our non-profit of the week, the Lucky Fin Project, raises awareness and celebrates children and individuals born with limb differences. The Lucky Fin Project:

  • Creates a support network for parents across the U.S. and around the world. Links parents to medical information and resources.
  • Provides education on limb differences.
  • Financially supports efforts for children to attend specialized camps, obtain prosthetics, and to fund other organizations within the limb difference community.

The Lucky Fin Project received a supply of 50 adaptive recorders, funded through our ...

Buy A Light, Give A Light
HELIO Is Now For Sale at and

Makers4Good is pleased to announce that HELIO is now officially for sale on both our own site and on! is the best place to buy HELIO, and it also happens to be the best place to learn more about HELIO and the good that is being done in the world through HELIO's sales. HELIO listings are now also live at is a work in progress, and in the coming days it will be expanded with lots ...

Recorders For All Non-Profit Spotlight: The Amputee Coalition

Jarrod Whaley

Our non-profit of the week is The Amputee Coalition. Their mission is to reach out to and empower people affected by limb loss and to help them achieve their full potential through education, support and advocacy.

The Amputee Coalition works to:

  • Make community connections to provide support and resources to people facing limb loss;
  • Provide trustworthy information and tools to help people live life to the fullest;
  • Lead policy and legislative efforts that benefit the limb loss community through research, advocacy, and access to care ...

HELIO Non-Profit Spotlight: Lalafofofo

Jarrod Whaley

Lalafofofo builds bridges between youths in the United States and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Through long-term partnerships and collaboration, Lalafofofo is creating solutions together to help Tanzanians help themselves and create a better future for their country; while equipping American youth with the knowledge, experience and skills required to be global citizens. Their aim is to contribute towards a more sustainable and positive world for our global youth.

Lalafofofo's Executive Director, Laura Vaughan, says:

Solar lights like HELIO gives these families a self-sustaining renewable gift of ...