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Santa Clara University is jumping head on into the maker movement with its Mobile Maker Lab.
Maker Movement Benefiting the Gig Economy

If one were to have been walking around on the White House’s South Lawn on June 18th, 2014, they would have found the normally empty green pasture filed with numerous technologies ranging from a robotic giraffe to a 3-D papercraft dinosaur. In about five months’ time, we will be celebrating the three-year anniversary of the first ever White House Maker Faire. Hosted by President Barack Obama to inspire makers and builders across America, President Obama emphasized the importance and promise of the Maker Movement ...

Buy A Light, Give A Light
Opp Middle School Refreshes Its Library With a Makerspace

Sad as it is, going to a library to check out a book is quickly becoming a notion of the past. The Opp Middle School library was suffering from that same fate as fewer and fewer students even set foot in their library. A change in atmosphere was needed, as the OMS principal and librarian decided brainstorm ideas to remove the “quiet-only” stereotype libraries have and revolutionize their library into an innovative and interactive thinking space. Their very own maker space program was launched last ...

Maryland’s Maker Movement Influencing Manufacturing

For the first time in years, Maryland is experiencing a revival in its manufacturing sector, in large part due to the burgeoning maker movement. Originally established as a weekend meetup by hackers to build and tinker with robots and model planes, the sheer popularity of the one-time small maker events quickly grew into a full-fledged movement. Now, designers and entrepreneurs collaborate on their personal passions in maker spaces ranging from testing and scaling their products to building new, innovative prototypes.

With a significant drop in ...

Help Light up Tanzania with the Some of the Best Solar Lights

Light up Tanzania, a solar-based campaign lead by the nonprofit organizations Lalafofofo and Last Mile, have partnered together to provide the best solar lights to Tanzanian communities in East Africa. Villagers in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania live in extreme poverty and have to endure 12-hour stretches of pitch darkness on a day-to-day basis.

Lalafofofo’s primary mission is to create and oversee economical, small-scale service projects through recruiting and educating families in Silicon Valley, California to assist with service projects. Additionally, Lalafofofo maintains 8-10 ...